Notes from past Farb and Friend Talks
A Gentle Introduction to Spectral Sequences, Part I:
The Serre Spectral Sequence

Jenny Wilson, 24 February 2011.A Gentle Introduction to Spectral Sequences, Part II:
Constructing the Spectral Sequence of a Filtered Space

Jenny Wilson, 21 April 2011.


Realization Problems in the Mapping Class Group
Nick Salter, 11 October 2012.


Riemannian Manifolds with Nontrivial Local Symmetry
Wouter Limbeek, 18 October 2012.


Variations on the Simple Loop Conjecture
Katie Mann, 23 October 2012.


Abstract Diophantine Equations
Jon Chaika, 30 October 2012.


Mostow Rigidity and Bounded Cohomology (Part 1)
Bena Tshishiku, 6 December 2012.


Extension Problems for Groups of Diffeomorphisms
Katie Mann, 24 January 2013.


Polynomial Invariants of Finite Reflection Groups
Jenny Wilson, 14 February 2013.


Slim Unicorns and Hyperbolicity of Curve Graphs
Sebastian Hensel, 21 February 2013.


Cohomology of Braid Groups and Configuration Spaces
Jenny Wilson, 16 May 2013.


Hermitian symmetric domains and moduli of Hodge Structures
Sean Howe, 3 October 2013.


The topology of hyperplane complements
Jenny Wilson, 14 November 2013.


A Prehistory of the Johnson Homomorphism
Nick Salter, 9 January 2014.


Permutation groups and configuration spaces, or, How to use the cohomology of the pure braid group to count polynomials over finite fields
Jenny Wilson, 30 January 2014.


Massey products, the lower central series, and the Poincaré conjecture
Nick Salter, 24 April 2014.


Topological obstruction to solving polynomials effectively
Weiyan Chen, 9 October 2014.


Covers, Homology and Lots of Mysteries
Sebastian Hensel, Nov 6 2014.



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